Monday, October 23, 2017

A Client Dressing Like Jesus In Court Will Get Crucified

Douglas Coggins
Attorney at Law
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Newport Beach, CA 92660-2120

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Accepting all major credit and debit cards. Checks, cash, and wire transfers are fine, too.

My office is across the street from Harbor Justice Center with ample free parking. The toll free number above will track me down if I am in court.

I am bilingual in Spanish and English. I have traveled by land round trip all the way to the tip of Tierra del Fuego at the southernmost end of South America and traced the entire Pacific and Gulf Coasts of Mexico by car without a single flat tire.

Practicing in all California courts, frequently I am retained by phone at the last minute. My office is walking distance from John Wayne Airport and a 45 minute drive from LAX.

University of California at Berkeley 1977 Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, Regents Scholar, Honors at Entrance.
University of San Diego School of Law 1981 Juris Doctor law degree.

Professional Qualifications:
Active membership in the State Bar of California since 1981. Attorney number 98843.

Professional Experience:
I have defended thousands of criminal cases, including 184 criminal jury trials, both felonies and misdemeanors. Besides criminal cases, I also have defended hundreds of clients in civil, conservatorship, probate, and sanity trials.

Since 1988, I have practiced in my own firm, Douglas Coggins Attorney at Law. I have tried 184 jury cases throughout California and saved 85 drivers' licenses from automatic suspensions by the DMV for clients accused of driving under the influence of alcohol.

I attract clients from Malibu to Mexico. I first meet each client in person unless I am retained by phone at the last minute. I always provide a signed fee agreement before I accept a case. I charge flat fees that include a jury trial, if the client wants to go to trial
rather than negotiate a settlement.

This practice assures client satisfaction when followed up with frequent phone calls and copies of all police reports and court documents. (Most clients have court cases or business before government agencies.)

I have never had a complaint from any client in 36 years of practicing as a lawyer.You can check up on me or any California lawyer on the official State Bar website. I am an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau.

Only those charged with felonies need to take time off work for pretrial hearings. I schedule any jury trials to fit my client's work schedule if the client chooses a jury trial.

I represent clients from many nations with business in California. I have been lucky to travel extensively in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. I encourage anybody discouraged by the economic slowdown to take a few month trip with a backpack.

My articles have been read by tens of thousands of prospective clients.

I offer this universal advice from my SECRETS FROM AN INSIDER TO PREVENT COURTROOM STRESS:

"....Many decent, hardworking men and women feel very uneasy when they walk into a criminal court alone. Most of them make a poor first impression on the judge by not dressing up. How up? They should wear the same clothes they would if called to Washington to apply for a job at the White House. I am not joking. Why? Because nobody ever made a bad impression on a judge by wearing a suit and tie or a top of the knee length dress. If you dress like Jesus, prepare to get crucified.
....Judges still dress in black robes like courts did 500 years ago. They think of the bow tie as a far out style only seen on 1920's jazz musicians and Louis Farrakhan. Court is not the Academy Awards. There is no need to spend a thousand dollars but you better wear something very conservative. Shined leather shoes matter more than designer shoes...."